While we might not know when things will change, we do know things can change. At Balanced Options Agency, we know as well as anyone that preparation is key to weathering an unexpected storm. That’s why we’re in the business of providing you reliable and personalized insurance coverage that’s designed to deliver stability.

Our team offers the following insurance services:

Life insurance — Most of us aren’t too interested in thinking about what happens after we pass on. But when there’s a way to keep your loved ones comfortable after you’re gone, suddenly there’s a lot of interest. Our fully customizable life insurance options are designed to deliver only the options you need and at pricing that’s surprisingly affordable.

Mortgage protection — For the majority of people, their home is the largest investment they will ever make. What happens to that investment if you become seriously injured, critically ill, or even pass away unexpectedly? With mortgage protection insurance, the standard of living that you and your family enjoy is protected, and you don’t have to worry about missing a mortgage payment.

Annuities and retirement — What’s your vision of how you’ll spend retirement? We’re willing to bet one of your top priorities is finally letting go of financial worries. Our team of retirement experts is focused on helping you achieve financial security. We can help you take the necessary steps to protect your assets and build a regular revenue stream, allowing you to focus on the finer things in life.

Final expense — There are steps you can take to provide for the security of your loved ones. One of the most thoughtful is by investing in final expense insurance. When you pass away, financial obligations such as funeral and burial expenses, medical expenses, and other debts are settled conveniently. By handling those financial responsibilities, you give your family the ability to say goodbye without added stress.

Identity Theft Protection — Would you like to experience the increased peace of mind and security everyone should expect when it comes to their online identity? Balanced Options Agency has you covered with our Identity Theft Protection services. By partnering with ReliaSheild, one of the most trusted experts in the online identity protection industry, you can rest easy knowing that your assets & identity are in good hands.

With more than 20 years of experience, our team excels in pairing the right people with the right policies. Since we aren’t affiliated with any of the big insurance companies, you never need to worry about us pushing unwanted features on you. If you have questions, concerns, or you’re ready for a consultation, we’re ready to help. Contact us online or by phone today.