What Is Balanced Options Agency?

Nobody knows what the day will bring. That’s why we purchase insurance, as a defense against the uncertainty of the world and the certainty that things can change with lightning speed. At Balanced Options Agency, our job is to help you make plans that are intelligent, effective, and reflective of the people and priorities you care about.

It’s our pleasure and privilege to help our clients find the insurance policies that are right for them. Our team specializes in life insurance, mortgage protection insurance, final expense insurance, and annuity and retirement planning with universal life policies. More than two decades of experience means we have the expertise to build a policy that’s right for you and that only has the features you want. Plus, since we’re not affiliated with a specific carrier, we have the flexibility to shop around on your behalf.

We’re also committed to providing our agents with a great place to work, grow, and thrive. Our structured sales training places everyone in the best possible position to succeed. As a result, they can be a positive change in the lives of the families they serve while achieving the financial independence they have always wanted.

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